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A very cunning and ignorant scammer KPETCHI ADAM KOKUIVE

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Fake, documents from Deutsche Bank AG!!

This article is written by the request of a good friend of Bernard Group, Mr. Schulz, short about Schulz live Luxembourg, and he has been working honestly for many years in the Bank security Department, we won't advertise which Bank he works for. Several times Mr. Schulz received a fake as a Bank draft from Deutsche Bank, under investigation, it was all fake, and a few people innocent people got hold of these fakes, because many have no idea what a real document from Deutsche Bank looks like at all. There were people who managed to get a HARD copy of these fake documents! And with these documents, went to the Bank and of course got arrested in the Bank. They received 8 years in prison, details about this was written in an article several times on the Twitter of Deutsche Bank. Imagine for a moment how you can sit in prison for scam and stupidity, these people did not know that all these documents are fake, okay, if you lose money, you can earn it, and when you lose your freedom, it's very insulting.

Schulz then became very interested in who this fraudster was and why he hurt thousands of people.

The first thing he did was, he sent a request to fraudster's Bank to immediately investigate appropriation of money that he received constantly from victims. When fraudsters get money for fake contracts, documents allegedly from the Bank, naturally it cannot confirm that this money is legitimate.

Next: he found this fraudster, his name is Kpetchi Adam Kokoive, fraudster lives in the continent of Africa and in countries like Togo. Schulz was very surprised how this person was able to deceive people, when writing and talking with the fraudster, Schulz felt that this fraudster is very stupid. Only thing the fraudster could show! This is arrogance and stories about fictional deals. That's all there is to it. Further, Schultz introduced himself to the fraudster as a client, began a conversation with him! All given correspondence, we will put below.

Bank details of fraudster

ACCOUNT NUMBER 011.793.000054210000148718

[17:29, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: Hi, Sir

[17:29, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: How are you?

[17:31, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: Can I talk to Provider Mr. Adam?

[17:40, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: Mr. Adam, our company is the largest in the world and can trade venues, we need a banking instrument from Deutsche Bank, one of our acquaintances named Agil transferred your number! and said that he is your representative in Sweden! please tell me do you know such a person? he also said you are a serious provider, can you release Bank draft?

[18:43, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : Hi.. 100% we do provide Bank instruments

[18:43, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : But need to know the Exact Amount.... To which Bank and Country?

[18:43, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : We do provide Bank Draft from Deutsche if and if only your group follow our procedure

[18:43, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : Thanks

[20:02, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: excellent,

Country China

Bank Standart Chartered Bank (H.K) LTD

[20:03, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: can you release to China?

[20:04, 5/29/2020] Jonte Schulz: amount 500 million euros

[20:47, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : Yes any country if you are sure of your Bank

[20:49, 5/29/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : 1- Doa signed

2- Soft Copy + BCL + ATV to client bank and cc to client for Verifications.

3- when ok, he pays A FEE according to the amount of Draft.

4- swift MT110

5- Payment Released

10 + 2 LEASE

40 + 2 SALE

[04:07, 5/30/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : No Comment!! Great!

[04:11, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: Sorry Mr. Adam was on read, I couldn’t answer, now I can write, please, send me your contact, we agree

[04:19, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: Schulz.jonte.roy@gmail.com

[04:22, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: It was too late, so I didn’t write to you, send me contact I don’t want to lose real Provider!

[04:24, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: I will wait for a contract from you, you can write to me any time Mr. Adam

Thanks 🙏

[04:32, 5/30/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : Ok contract in the morning

[04:34, 5/30/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : I don't know your full name!!

[04:35, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: Jonte Schulz

[04:36, 5/30/2020] Kpetchi Adam Fucking Scammer : 👍🏽🤝 good night

[04:37, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: Mr Adam how fact can you release bank draft +mt 110?

[04:37, 5/30/2020] Jonte Schulz: Good night

Thanks More information can be found at the following link.........



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